About Us

Falcon Engineering is a leader in green, energy efficient building systems. Our firm has a rich history with deep roots in the Okanagan Valley and throughout British Columbia. The company has years of experience in electrical and mechanical engineering that reaches back to the 1970’s. We are dedicated to providing efficient engineering solutions to meet our client’s needs, within budget, and with due regard to operating and maintenance costs. We also pride ourselves on practicing our profession with integrity at all times and without exception. Our engineering staff are registered across Canada.

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Our Mechanical engineering solutions include an awareness of the many factors that shape buildings, such as intended use, life cycle costs, construction budget, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency targets.
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Our Electrical engineering team is responsible for designing lighting, power, emergency, life safety, communications, and renewable energy systems.
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The Energy engineering team delivers specialized in-house services that is equipped to skillfully meet emerging demand for reliable, high performing, low-carbon HVAC and energy systems.