Practical, reliable, and constructible designs

Through our multi-disciplinary breadth of expertise, we provide our clients with feasible, dependable, constructable solutions.

Breaking down silos

We foster a collaborative culture, internally amongst our teams and in our working arrangements outside our firm. Our firm’s size and management structure enable us to stay nimble and responsive in order to provide meaningful contributions throughout the project duration and beyond.

A whole that is more than a sum of the parts

Our interdisciplinary approach inspires a culture that identifies innovative, yet practical, opportunities in a way that provides enhanced value.


Our clients demand low carbon energy strategies to help guide their decision-making today, for achieving compatibility with tomorrow’s expectations. To meet our client’s evolving needs, Falcon Engineering has assembled an in-house energy engineering team comprised of skilled and highly experienced multi-disciplined engineers, scientists, and technical analysts.

Our practice is diversified, serving institutional clients (such as public schools and universities), government clients (municipal, provincial, and federal government facilities), private-sector commercial and residential development clients, and industrial, pharmaceutical, and agri-food sector clients. Among our proudest accomplishments, our Team has implemented over 30 robust low-carbon geoexchange heating/cooling systems in public school facilities throughout British Columbia, including large secondary school facilities in varied BC climates.

Some of the service we provide include: