Penticton City Hall

Penticton, British Columbia

Penticton City Hall is located in the heart of downtown, with striking curved glass wings on each side of a brick core. The many windows allowed for a great view, but also trapped heat in the Council Chambers and Committee Room located on the top floor, as well as other adjacent spaces. To provide better temperature control, the two warmest spaces were disconnected from the central HVAC system and provided individual rooftop units.

The rooftop units were located adjacent to the spaces they served to minimize sound travel into the meetings below. Reusing existing ductwork minimized the impact on the occupied areas during construction and was a cost savings, as duct changes would have been very invasive. The addition of new strategic duct sections allowed the work to come together to create two more comfortable spaces.

Solar window film was also explored by the City as an additional measure to prevent intense heat loads on the spaces and increase system efficiency.

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