1540 Innovation Drive

Kelowna, British Columbia

This project is a conversion of a warehouse into a new lab for engineering researchers and graduate art students.

The lab spaces were built within the existing structure with their own envelope so that proper lab pressurization can be maintained. The lab exhaust systems and outside air systems are designed to operate at varying air change rates to accommodate 3 lab modes: unoccupied, occupied and maximum purpose. The lab millwork, plumbing and exhaust systems are designed so that changes to the configuration can easily occur to meet future laboratory needs.

Laboratories are typically heavy consumers of energy. In order to meet UBO’s energy objectives, the following energy saving initiatives were employed:

  • Predesigning systems so that a mix of hydrogen and natural gas can be utilized in heating systems to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Designing the HVAC system so that geothermal energy from the University Centre plant can be introduced into the system.
  • Employing variable air volume fume hoods to reduce exhaust air loads.
  • Utilizing source capture hood over lab equipment that produces excessive heat or odour in order to reduce dilution ventilation.
  • Ventilated chemical storage cabinets were employed so that the lab ventilation rate can be as low as 4 air changes per hour in the unoccupied mode.

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