H.S. Grenda Middle School

Lake Country, British Columbia

H.S. Grenda is a new 600 seat middle school under construction in Lake Country that will serve a projected shortfall for students in grades 6 to 8. The project includes conversion of a golf course into playing fields as well as a Neighbourhood Learning Center that offers space for community Organization. Falcon Engineering is providing the energy modelling, mechanical, electrical and geoexchange design for this new school.

The HVAC system is based on a four pipe fan coil system. Primary heating and cooling is provided by a combination air-source and ground-source heat pump system. An artesian aquifer below the site limited the geoexchange field to 60 tons, which is below the required capacity. The resulting shortfall will be made up by a large dry cooler that functions both for heat rejection and heat absorption. This innovative solution allows the two energy sources to be used individually or in combination as required by the outdoor air and building load conditions, and without the additional capacity, controls, and complexity that often plagues similar systems. Outdoor air systems are based on reversing flow heat recovery systems.

The electrical systems include a complete LED lighting design along with addressable lighting controls. The lighting design is greater than 35% below the Building Code requirements and with the control software there is potential for greater energy savings. The design of a solar photovoltaic array on the roof will further offset the building’s energy consumption.

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