Hardy Place

Kelowna, British Columbia

Falcon Engineering completed a mechanical upgrade to this multi-tenant 3 story office building to address chronic comfort complaints. The existing 1985 variable air volume mechanical system could not be upgraded due to budget constraints. To address the issue, zoning was updated to current occupancy layouts, the variable zone dampers were replaced with units that could control airflow more precisely, and supplemental heat was added to each zone. The controls system was upgraded, and strategies were modified to make the existing mechanical system as flexible as possible. The comfort complaints have stopped, and energy use has dramatically reduced. Falcon Engineering worked through capital planning with the client and is currently acting as prime consultant.

Falcon Engineering has been involved with all renovations since the upgrade including new tenant fit outs including:

  • B.C. Oil and Gas Commission, Unit 203, 7750sf
  • PhysioActive, Unit 201, 2550sf

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