Crawford Bay Elementary-Secondary School

Crawford Bay, British Columbia

This project consisted of a new LEED Gold certified K-12 School. The electrical design included all systems including emergency power for back up heating systems and life safety systems, electrical distribution, lighting, public address, intruder alarm, fire alarm and voice/data communications. The design also included daylight sensing and occupancy sensing throughout for maximum energy efficiency. The mechanical design included a ground source heat pump providing extensive heat recovery opportunities.

This school is located in a relatively remote community. One of the most important design criteria for this project was to ensure the mechanical systems were simple and easy to maintain. Towards that end, the facility is served by a horizontal geoexchange system, which supplies heating and cooling effects to a distributed heat pump system. Boilers were installed to provide backup heating in order to ensure operational continuity in the event of a critical failure. Outdoor air is delivered to the heat pumps by a gas fired air handling unit. The mechanical construction cost was $1,500,000.

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