Cariboo Place Residential Care

Williams Lake, British Columbia

Cariboo Place is a 53,990sf extended care facility located in Williams Lake. The building consists of seventy-two units in two wings with activity/dining/amenities/spa tied to each “neighbourhood”. The building also has a full service commercial kitchen and commercial laundry facilities.

HVAC and plumbing systems in the building are designed to meet parts of CSA B317, as directed by Interior Health. The building is heated and cooled by a combination of radiant flooring, large HRV’s, large RTU’s and small ductless multi-split system where loads could not be met by other systems. Each unit and exterior amenity area is heated by hydronic radiant flooring, the hydronic system serving the radiant zones is served by a bank of condensing boilers and has variable speed pumping and each zone has an EPIV valve which allows pumping rates to be very low in the shoulder seasons.

Ventilation, exhaust and cooling effect to each wing is provided with a large gas fired heat recovery ventilator. Ventilations and heating/cooling to central zones is provided by large high efficiency RTU’s utilizing demand control ventilation. Hot water is provided by centralized gas-fired condensing hot water tank complete with a recirculation system. Because the building requires both 120°F water and 140°F water, special care is given to functionality of the recirculation system. The building has a full DDC system to operate all systems in unison.

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