Practical, reliable, and constructible designs

Through our multi-disciplinary breadth of expertise, we provide our clients with feasible, dependable, constructable solutions.

Breaking down silos

We foster a collaborative culture, internally amongst our teams and in our working arrangements outside our firm. Our firm’s size and management structure enable us to stay nimble and responsive in order to provide meaningful contributions throughout the project duration and beyond.

A whole that is more than a sum of the parts

Our interdisciplinary approach inspires a culture that identifies innovative, yet practical, opportunities in a way that provides enhanced value.


Our electrical team works closely with clients to provide innovative, cost-effective, and forward focused design solutions through quality engineering services. Throughout the design and construction process, we are focused on the individual needs of the client and their building.

With ever evolving changes to technology, we strive to ensure that the electrical systems are flexible to allow for the changing needs of the client as well as being robust, efficient, cost effective, and simple to build and operate. We provide continued support to our clients through the design, tendering, construction and final system testing and commissioning.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Solar photovoltaic consultation, design, tender, and construction management services have allowed Falcon Engineering to be a part of a variety of solar PV projects. Each project is customized to the client’s needs which may include roof top arrays, façade arrays, carport arrays or ground mounted systems.

  • Our team has extensive experience of conducting physical and technical security assessments, as well as providing security design consulting.

    Our technical solutions include, among other things:

    • video surveillance
    • access control
    • intrusion detection and communications systems
    • emergency notification devices (panic alarms)
    • perimeter protection (fencing) design.


    Some of our clients include private commercial and residential developers, government ministries, hospitals, school districts, police stations, and courthouses.


  • Lighting plays a unique and important role to every space, be it interior or exterior. Critical levels for fine industrial applications/education centers, or accent lighting to create an ambiance in a tasting room or restaurant are instrumental to ensuring the space is operating in an optimal manner. By working with the client and architect, the lighting and lighting control systems are designed to transform and inspire.

    During the design process, 3D modelling of the lighting output can be provided for coordination. Lighting controls systems range from localized control, to room based systems, to centralized control systems including DALI based networked systems.

    Some of the services include:

    • Sports field lighting
    • Arena lighting
    • Institutional lighting
    • Healthcare lighting (including MRI/CT spaces)
    • Residential lighting
    • Municipal roadway lighting
    • Automotive dealership interior/exterior lighting
    • Commercial/Office space lighting
    • Retail (banking/jewelry etc)
  • Some of the services include:

    • Overhead powerline design
    • Primary service utility applications/design
    • Transformer/switch replacement
    • Unit substation design/coordination